GN10 branding & design agency

Neglinnaya Shopping Center

Rebranding a shopping center in the historic center of Moscow.

Branding: positioning, brand strategy.
Identity: renewing the logo and corporate identity, navigation in the mall, facade design, and underground parking.
Promotions: advertising campaigns, photo and video shooting.


Neglinnaya Shopping Center is a special place that has become an integral part of life for many business people in Moscow.



It's a nice place to start the day, to hold meetings and combine them with shopping for the house, it's easy to get yourself and the kids ready for vacation, and it's easy to park and even wash your car.

And it's also easy to stay in a fast track. Like drop off your dry cleaning, work out in a trendy fitness club, buy groceries, or close your day at a restaurant with a view of the city.


All the things you need are concentrated in one place - in the center of Moscow at the key city business intersection.


Renewed website


In 2017, for the first time in Moscow, Neglinnaya Gallery used blue window awnings to decorate its 150-meter façade. More than 30 awnings were used to decorate the building. The blue semantics originates from the River Neglinnaya, which runs right under the shopping center, even now. River – water – blue.

The blue color found its place in the hearts of the Muscovites, and people began to make appointments in the building with blue awnings at Coffeemania, as blue became an integral attribute of Neglinnaya in advertising campaigns, exhibitions and cultural and educational projects about Moscow, and colored the underground parking lot of the shopping center.

Today the shopping center is getting brighter, bolder.

The blue has also become more lively and vibrant.


The project called for the development of the Neglinnaya corporate font.

The distinctive letter "N" has become a linking element of all the updated communications in the mall.



As part of our work with the shopping center, we conducted creative photography and video shootings, and ran ads on the streets of Moscow, in Coffeemania, Aeroflot and S7 in-flight magazines, as well as conducted joint special projects with RBC and RIA Novosti agency.


Shooting set design


Updated navigation


The mall is getting a redesign.
It will become lighter and more fashionable.


Renderings of the renovated interiors.


Together with the Neglinnaya Shopping Center team, we have been working for more than 7 years now.
In 2017, we launched the first rebranding, gradually upgraded communications, and underground parking lot design.

Today the shopping center continues to evolve with a "Golden Apple" flagship store opening on the first floor and driving the traffic; the audience is getting wider and younger, and new boutiques are opening their doors. Visitors appreciate Neglinnaya Shopping Center for its convenience, atmosphere and perfect location.

In 2022, we took a new step by launching a striking rebranding and we are still on it.


GN10 Art Director Nikita Gorbunov


The project involved Nikita Gorbunov, Valeria Erofeyeva, Maria Berletova, Alexandra Prisenko, Egor Vasiliev, etc.