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Aesthetics, meaning, and perfectionism in branding


Brands are loved for their meanings.
They are chosen for their design.


GN10 is an boutique bureau that reflects its creator. Nikita Gorbunov is the creative director and founder of the agency.

He is in love with branding, runs strategic sessions, and creates aesthetic designs with powerful meanings. And for him every client is a strategic partner for years to come.


We’ve been creating brands for 15 years


Over 150 projects

GN10 is an bureau that brings together the best specialists in graphics, identity, and communications. We are experts in branding and design projects of all sizes— from creating new boutique brands to nationwide network projects.


Aesthetics. Meaning. Strategy and Partnership. These are more than just words for us—these are our values. We believe in our clients’ projects and build lasting partnerships. We think strategically and are perfectionists when it comes to small details.


New brands
Brand strategies
Communication and print design
Environmental design and navigation
Marketing campaigns
Designer supervision


We are developing a visual culture, making the world a harmonious place through meaningful and aesthetic design.