GN10 branding & design agency

GN10 Branding & design agency by Nikita Gorbunov

Complex branding, identity, graphic design for large-scale projects, spatial and interior. 


> 10 years

We create a thought-through design and brand-worlds. We form emotional experience and increase the price of products and services.

> 100 projects

We are experts in branding and rebranding for projects of any scale.

> 10 m people

Annually interact with our design.


Types of projects



PIR-EXPO 2019 Traveler’s Coffee

PIR-EXPO 2019 Traveler’s Coffee

2017 RCA Awards RIGAMALL

2017 RCA Awards RIGAMALL




Grandhotel Montenegro

Hotel identity in Montenegro.



Branding of the new development company in Moscow.


Bronnitsy Jewelry

Rebranding of the largest private jewelry retailer in Russia with a 100-year history.


Neglinnaya Gallery

Branding of Neglinnaya Gallery shopping center in the historical and business center of Moscow on Trubnaya Square.



Branding, identity, advertising campaigns, spatial design and navigation for the shopping center near Novorizhskoye Highway.


Traveler’s Coffee

Rebranding, identity, main and seasonal menu, coffee packaging, photo and video for the international coffee houses chain with more than 130 coffee houses.


Russian Railways Corporate University

Full rebranding of the Russian Railways Corporate University.


Siberian Collection

Advertising campaigns for the brand of Premium dumplings No.1 in Russia.




We believe


We belive that the surrounding aesthetics promotes the inner culture of a human and builds his personality. We realise our contrubution to the future.

Nikita Gorbunov.
Brand-expert, creative director and founder of GN10