GN10 branding & design agency

GN10 branding & design agency by Nikita Gorbunov

GN10 – это брендинговое и дизайн агентство бутикового формата. Более 10 лет мы создаем дизайн и коммуникации, которые меняют визуальную культуру и мир вокруг, делая его эстетичным и прекрасным.


About us


We give a new meaning to the presence and role of the brand in the human life, we create emotions.


We have 10-year expertise in creating design and communications that change the visual culture and the world around, making it aesthetic and beautiful. 

Our favorite task is to create fine-tuned brand worlds. We offer more than graphic design – we build the visual language of the brand, establish effective communications, work with the space and design of human impressions, thus enhancing the brand value and the value of products and services.  

We have launched 100+ successful projects to famous Russian brands.


Core values:


Partnership culture

Our clients are our partners and we share the same vision to move together to the same purpose. We build relationship based on respect, ethics, the ability to hear and to listen to each other, respecting boundaries and culture of communication.


Systematic approach

We create meaningful design with some key idea as a basis and a set of elements making a strongly-interconnected system where everything has its own place and complies with the common rules.



We are committed to excellence in everything to do with beauty. Our eyes are the channel to feel like or dislike and we try to add aesthetics to the world around us using rhythm, proportions, accents and systems.



We always look towards the future. We are not afraid to be pioneers, to discover new things for the market and for our clients. We promote visual culture and create the things which will be the future trends.


Ongoing improvement

Ongoing improvement is the basic principle of our team. We travel, learn new things and we are not afraid to be students, we do not stop when we achieve something.



Our projects are our contribution to the future. We are responsible for our work. It is important for us what we do. We try to be as ethical and ecofriendly as possible in our work.


GN10 is a constant commitment to excellence in everything – perfectly balanced and high-skilled team of professionals, advanced level of customer interaction, ongoing self-improvement and creative approach.


We support the Children's Liver Disease Foundation "Life as a miracle"